20 Facts About Me

Hey y’all! Since most of my blog posts have been about products and style, I wanted to change it up. To give you a little more insight on who I am, I wrote down 20 random facts about myself. Hope you like it!!

  1. I’m originally from a small town in Louisiana and moved to Texas when I was seven
  2. Like most teenage girls, I loved One Direction and saw them in concert once
  3. I have an eleven year old half lab- half golden retriever named Maggie
  4. My go to food is fish sticks
  5. I broke my pinky toe three times when I was younger
  6. I read 13 Reasons Why in less than a day (before it became a show)
  7. My favorite fruit is watermelon, I can eat it every day
  8. I LOVE scary movies
  9. Zoella (first YouTuber I’ve watched), Danielle Carolyn, Jeanine Amapola, and David Dobrek are some of my favorite YouTubers
  10. I have an eight year old little sister
  11. Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show (so sad it ended 😦 )
  12. I’ve never been out of the U.S. (I would love to travel one day)
  13. My favorite season is autumn because of the decorations (and candles)
  14. I like love coffee
  15. I’m going to be a Godmother soon! (Thanksgiving baby)
  16. My all time favorite movies are Harry Potter and Star Wars #nerd
  17. Cookie cake is the only kind of cake I like
  18. My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel (who hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid?!)
  19. I watch Modern Family almost every day
  20. White is my favorite color (I know… boring but it’s such a classy color and can go with anything)

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