Skincare Routine That Changed My Life


Hello! I thought I should share some tips to get rid of acne. Everyone’s skin is different so be careful that you are not over drying your face, or making it more oily. I highly recommend finding a good acne spot treatment. The AcneFree Terminator 10 is perfect for getting rid of larges spots. I didn’t see results over night but it does help reduce swelling. If you have acne scars, using this product 3-4 nights a week will decrease redness. Another big, inexpensive product that helps with acne scarring is the Que Bella Professional Repairing charcoal mud mask. I have used this mask for almost a year and I love it! I bought a couple from Target and it was very cheap. One packet can last me up to 3-4 uses. I do wish the packaging was in a container but besides that, it’s amazing.

The next product that is good for your skin is coconut oil! I have noticed a drastic transformation in my skin since I started using it. It has almost completely gotten rid of my acne scars and leaves my skin extremely smooth. Be careful not to use too much if you have oily skin. The last product that has made a major improvement on my skin is the Philosophy Purity face cleanser. It is very gentle and soothing.

Check out my YouTube video down below!!

I hope this post helps you and I will try to post more content often. I just got out of school so I shouldn’t be as busy, besides work.

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